iPhone, iPad, iOS Application Development

Due to the ease of accessing information in the palm of your hands, the potential of mobile applications can’t be underestimated. ShehzadOnline team of dedicated and professional iPhone developers are well versed in the latest technologies and tools to bring your iPhone app to life.

The studies show that the users are spending more time using apps on their mobile phones than the Internet. According to statistics, an average mobile user spends 37% more time using mobile apps than the Internet. The numbers are increasing slowly as the technology is improving, and new devices and features are coming along. This may be a reflection of what the future holds and what you should do to capitalize on it.

At ShehzadOnline, we excel in developing iPhone applications. iPhone is the world’s most advanced mobile platform. With every new update, it brings a lot of new and exciting features, and along with them come creative and revolutionary ideas and applications also develop. So if you have an idea for that next ground breaking app, ShehzadOnline can help you achieve your dream with our team of dedicated professionals by turning that idea into an exciting app.

Type of Applications We Create:

  • Information Apps
  • Business Apps
  • Web Apps
  • Social Apps
  • Text Based Games

The Flow

Our team starts any app by first understanding the needs and concept of the app from you. After that, the team starts creating mockups of the app screens and connecting the screens together, so you can see the complete flow of the app before it’s even created!

After the flow is approved from you, we start programming the app. We send you every iterative build we create for you to provide us feedback and make any corrections before we move ahead on the next build. This way, both of us will be on the same page and there won’t be any ‘Oops!’ moment or surprises at the end.

After the app is created, we can also help you to submit the app to the App Store, if desired. Our team works by keeping Apple Human Interface Guidelines in mind, so the chances of your app getting rejected from the App Store are minimized. Don’t worry; we will make sure that your next top-grossing app goes live as soon as possible.